Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rule #3: You Will Have Days You Will Cry As Much As Baby

Yes, it is true. Some days you will just be so lonely, so frustrated, so tired or all of the above that you just find yourself in tears. Repeatedly even.

Thankfully that isn`t the norm, and if it is, maybe you need to ask for some help.

Sofia has not been having a great week of sleep. She has been waking up often and as I call it, `snacking` so therefore I have been waking up often. (Sometimes every 20 minutes) This has led to a very tired me since I was already tired.

I`m pretty sure this is a big reason why I have been crying as much as her today.

Just when I wasn`t sure how much longer I could deal today (but not like I have a choice) she started to laugh and smile and coo at me. And yes, that makes it all so very worthwhile.

However, now she is back to her usual evening type fussy crying so it`s time to face the music.

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